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Tracking Monsters With Alan Clarke

The UK’s most dangerous director finally comes to Write Brain TV with 8 kitchen sink nightmares on the monsters that lurk in the shadows of Thatcher-era England.

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The John Pilger Collection

In 1967, Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon began a conquest for world domination. One journalist dared to explore the ravaged countries left behind.

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Thrash through the industrial wastelands, alleys, & underground clubs in the rubble of post war Germany with youths in revolt in 7 beautifully nihilist films.

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Third Cinema: Brazilian Psychedelia

Open Portuguese doors of perception & witness strange Brazilian films w/ cosmic conquistadors, technicolor tarantulas, & more in our new Third Cinema Series!

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Free Breakfast For Children – Self Titled

FBFC come out spraying fire, as the supergroup brandishes an arsenal of politically-conscious bars, felonious street scenes, and even some rock-the-mic full-posse cuts.

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The Embargoed Films Of Cuba

Remove the blockade from your mind and take a journey across one of the most forbidden film canons: Cuba. These 7 revolutionary films feature intros by Cuban film historian Victor Fowler.

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The Sanctioned Films Of DPRK

DPRK’s film canon has long been ignored and marginalized by the world. One our most controversial series brings 8 significant and beautiful films from the DPRK to Write Brain TV.

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Write Past Midnite

Write Past Midnite season 2 is another mind-melting mix of late-night lunacy, trippy toons, and strange shorts from the craziest creators in the world. Hosted by the bodacious Sir EU!

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Soviet Horror Week

You can now experience our special halloween event in this interactive series tracing the collapse of the USSR & the horror films it spawned. Hosted by Lady Izdihar.

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Palestine Is Still The Issue

John Pilger explores how Israel, an Apartheid state, uses its influence to terrorize the Palestinian people and their Western allies that aid the brutal occupation.

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