Marmorhaus is an interactive horror experience that will transport you back to 1920s Berlin, a time of uncertainty and fear. Not only because of the building of horror theaters all over the city, but also because of the growing desperation they reflected from the public’s consciousness. To get the most out of this experience we recommend our viewers do the following:

  • 1. Find a quiet, dark place to experience it
  • 2. Wear headphones if possible
  • 3. Use a desktop computer for best results

By clicking Continue below, you are granted access to Marmorhaus. Expect the unexpected… Which could mean flashing lights and sudden noises. Enter at your own risk.


The Plague Of Florence (1919)

The first film to ever premiere at Marmorhaus.Written by Fritz Lang and based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death”, this tragic period-piece follows the frenzied days just before the Black Death lays waste to Europe.Death slowly stalks the countryside to collect the lost souls.

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The Golem (1920)

Directed by and starring Paul Wegener, Der Golem is a medieval story inspired by a Jewish folktale in which a brutish creature is molded by clay. When the Emperor signs an edict for the eviction of Jews, a town Rabbi invokes ancient wisdom to protect his city from persecution.

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