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Black Gestapo VHS


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No one would ever mix up sleazy exploitation director & cinematographer Lee Frost (Dynamite Dixie) for visionary Stanley Kubrick or Italian auteur Frederico Fellini. But one film that really channels the irresponsibility & shlockiness of certain 70’s blaxploitation films is “The Black Gestapo” (rumor has it Frost mixed up the secret police with the SS, thus the people’s army wearing the wrong uniforms in the film). Entertaining & at times hilarious, the film follows a General that decides to build a people’s army to protect the people of Watts from the oppressive police force. They succeed, but soon the General is replaced by his Colonel who turns the city into a socialist police state, attempting to present a cautionary tale of revolutions (and failing miserably). This offensively insane film is in a clamshell case with crazy cover art. Free shipping is included!