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The Art Of David Lynch (VHS)


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Do you enjoy a trip to the white-picket fence town of Twin Peaks, where strangeness is served with every delicious slice of cherry pie & every cup of coffee? Fancy night late-night drives down the seedy LA street of Mulholland Drive, where evil lurks behind the closed doors of lavish condos & mansions? Or maybe you prefer exploring the decaying industrial wastelands of the Eraserhead district? If you have any idea of what we’re talking about, then you’re likely a fan of one of surreal cinema’s most fascinating & endearing auteurs; David Lynch. In this doc “The Art Of David Lynch”, his work & the creative process beneath it are explored in a comprehensive look at both artwork, influences, & past leading up to his directorial debut of cult classic / dread-inducing Philly-influenced mindfuck Eraserhead. Enter the past of artist David Lynch in this sleek VHS tape & get free shipping on your order!