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A Grin Without A Cat

(Directed by Chris Marker (1977, 240 min)



Originally titled “The Essence Of The Air Is Red”, this essay film by French New Wave extraordinaire Chris Marker, “A Grin Without A Cat”, continues his exploration of leftist ideals and his favorite animal; the feline.

With a nearly 3-hour running time, Chris Marker’s deep-dives into the promise of revolution in leftist movements around the globe and the fascist governments that work tooth-and-nail to shatter their socialist dream. Using a complex cut-up of protests, archive footage of revolutionaries, war photography, and videos of cats, Marker creates a stream-of-consciousness critique of the failures of communist revolutions that transcends time and space with each splice of film.

With appearances from Castro, French communists, students, South American guerillas, Vietnam activists, and even Nixon, Marker makes the fascinating comparison of leftist ideals with the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland,  its concepts are greatly realized and wanted by the collective consciousness, but shows the difficulties it faces in becoming something concrete under the oppressive global world order of capitalism.

We’re proud to present this surprise film in our line-up, a comprehensive history and examination of the socialist movements of history and the evil establishment they’re up against internationally.