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Revolutionary Revue: A Night Of Cuban Shorts (Providence Event)

(August 31st / 5pm-7pm est / Red Ink Community Library (In Person) / $5 ) 


Witness Cuba’s story from the lens of its most revolutionary filmmakers with a night of 8 rare short films capturing its liberation!

Experience a country’s journey from living under a fascist regime to to its eventual liberation and revolution, seen through the lens of the filmmakers that captured it. This is a special event for us, not only because we’re organizing it with the activist group National Network For Cuba, but also because for the first time ever… It will be both a virtual screening & an in-person event!

The event is August 31st and if you live in Rhode Island you can experience this event in-person at the wonderful Red Ink Community Library in Providence. Venmo the venue the day of the screening & or buy your ticket here and be ready for showtime.  This event will be before the remaining locations, but provide a unique and intimate experience with its own special guest panel with activists providing a unique perspective that are aiding Cuba in its struggle against the United State’s monstrous embargo and blockade.

If you’re looking to host an event in your city? Send us an email at Writebrainstudios@gmail.com or reach out to National Network Of Cuba. Click below to grab virtual tickets to the event at the Write Brain Theater!