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Kenneth Anger: The Magick Lantern Cycle

(Directed by Kenneth Anger, 1947-1972)


The self-proclaimed “Wickedest Filmmaker On Earth” earned his reputation with this iconic 8-film series “The Magick Lantern Cycle”, a collection of loosely-connected films still capturing the attention of cinephiles and film students alike for its experimental techniques and glaring mystique. Influenced more by Aleister Crowley than any Hollywood filmmaker, the West-Coast response to Hollis Frampton revels in being the industry’s biggest nightmare.

With his LSD-soaked cinematic works full of alchemical rotoscoping, luxurious psychedelic set pieces full of colorful dungeons of the occult, demonic visions of sexual devients, and his violent shattering of the myths of 1950’s toxic masculinity, Anger is in a class all his own.

His backstory is suitable for his later cinematic assaults on the public, making his bones by publishing the infamous Hollywood bombshell book and first tabloid reporting ever recorded, the solacious “Hollywood Babylon”; A literal bible of Hollywood’s darkest secrets.

One of the earliest auteurs of “queer cinema”, Anger takes it to new dazzling heights with provacative work equal parts cinematic sorcerery and destruction of the Hollywood ideals of manliness.


Directed by Kennth Anger (1947)

Puce Moment

Directed by Kenneth Anger (1949)

Eaux D'Artifice

Directed by Kenneth Anger (1953)

Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome

Directed by Kenneth Anger (1954)

Scorpio Rising

Directed by Kenneth Anger (1964)

Kustom Kar Commandos

Directed by Kenneth Anger (1965)

Rabbit Moon

Directed by Kenneth Anger (1971)

Lucifer Rising

Directed by Kenneth Anger (1972)