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Marchitect  – The Industry’s My Footstool


( Performed by Marchitect, 2021)


Layering his signature chilled-out conscious flow, dense visual imagery, and clever wordplay on top of bedrock boom-bap beats, veteran Delaware rapper / producer Marchitect cements his status as one of the slickest MCs you’ve never heard of. Dropping the needle, we are immediately placed somewhere in New York in 1997, the production utilizing unusual, Wu-inspired stringed instruments and the gritty junkyard rhythms of the D.I.T.C crew, which melds well with his backpack storytelling and knack for Kwelian similie. Consisting of eight songs clocking in at a remarkably efficient 20 minutes, Marchitect wastes no time in measuring equal doses of inspiring reflections on life’s everyday struggles. And considering this album is the fourth of five strong releases during the Covid years, one wonders how he keeps his pen so active and consistent.