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Putrefixion Virtual Screening

 (Directed by David Torres (2022, 89 min)

Witness 360-degrees of madness, in Mexican editor turned auteur David Torres’ experimental found-footage psychological horror film Putrefixion: A Video Of Nina Temich. Nina, an aspiring dancer, is a teenager dealing with unspeakable pain after losing her parents. She picks up a second-hand 360 degree camera, hoping to document her aspirations to become a filmmaker. As she struggles under weight of her parents death and uncertain future, she experiments with drugs, partake in rituals, and sees her reality slowly unglued in this hallucinatory horror that finds an overused device made for instagram selfies and transforms it into an instrument of nightmares that surrounds you; literally. With the entire film shot in 360 degrees, the film’s claustrophobic grip wraps itself around the viewer and doesn’t let go. Torres will be joining for a live Q & A to answer any questions you have about the film. This screening is an exclusive event and you must have a movie ticket to attend (no exceptions).

Show Time Available:

Aug 11 / 23
8:00 pm

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