Write Brain TV

Rebel Dykes Virtual Screening

(Directed by Harri Shanahan, Siân A. Williams) ( 2022 , 93 min)


Discover a lost part of the history of the legendary UK punk scene which was an open rebellion against the conservative Thatcher-era society of the time… The LGBTQ community that was the backbone of the scene!

This documentary is an uncensored no-holds-barred account of the LGBTQ warriors & thrashers that hit the streets, moshed in the pits, & helped define the fashion of the era, an era that is largely considered one of the most rebellious & important movements in Rock & Roll history.

This is a virtual screening is on Thursday, November 30th. Doors will open at 8:00 pm EST. The show is 9pm-11pm EST. You won’t wanna miss this raw and crusty underground punk account from the women, men, & trans rebels that lived it!

Tickets are on sale now for $5. If you’re interested in hosting the event in-person at a local theater, library, or art space, please email us at writebrainstudios@gmail.com.