Write Brain TV

Revealing Ukraine

(Directed by Igor Lopatonok (2019, 84 min)



There’s two sides to every story…

What’s really happening in Ukraine and how did we get here? Why are experts saying we are the closest we’ve been to a nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis as tensions heat up between the West and Russia?

In Revealing Ukraine by Ukrainian anti-war activist and documentarian Igor Lopatonok and produced by Oliver Stone, we discover the truth is far more complex than the saber-rattling mainstream media and war machine would have you believe.

This follow-up to Ukraine On Fire” was released 3 years before the Ukraine war, with the 1st film laying out a century of  history in Ukraine: from its occupation by nazis in World War II to its eventual CIA-backed coup of far-right extremists in 2014 in Maidan. The sequel picks up where the last film left off, focusing on the ethnic cleansing of Russian-speaking Ukrainians by government-backed neo-nazis in the Donbas. With a case laid out that NATO is using Ukraine ( like it has with other 3rd world countries), as a puppet state to weaken Russia, this continued escalation puts all of humanity in the cross hairs.

Write Brain TV is proud to present the sequel to “Ukraine On Fire”, an Oliver Stone produced documentary that provides a counter point to the CIA-funded “Winter On Fire”… With the truth left up to the viewer to decide.