Write Brain TV

Revolutionary Revue: A Night Of Cuban Shorts (Virtual Event)

(August 31st / 8pm-10:00 pm est / Write Brain Theater (Virtual) / $5 per ticket)


Witness Cuba’s story from the lens of its most revolutionary filmmakers with a night of 8 rare short films capturing its liberation!

Experience a country’s journey from living under a fascist regime to to its eventual liberation and revolution, seen through the lens of the filmmakers that captured it. This is a special event for us, not only because we’re organizing it with the activist group National Network For Cuba, but also because for the first time ever… It will be both a virtual screening & an in-person event!

The event is August 31st and our current in-person locations are Red Ink Community Library in Providence Rhode Island  & Du Bois-Robeson People’s Center in Philadelphia. Check with those venues for more details, but if you’re not in any of the current locations, you can buy a ticket for the virtual screening and experience it at the Write Brain Theater! At the end of the night we’ll be connecting all the locations and the virtual event for a special panel!

Looking to host an event in your city? Send us an email at Writebrainstudios@gmail.com or reach out to National Network Of Cuba. Click below to grab virtual tickets to the event at the Write Brain Theater!