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Sexual Jeremy – The Real Sexual Jeremy


( Performed by Sexual Jeremy, 2022)


Sexual Jeremy is a four-piece experimental noise band hailing from Denton Texas. Armed with dueling discordant guitar layers, swirling stop-n-go production, and thrilling drum antics, this album is a modern Math-rock masterpiece. Abruptly and abrasively deconstructing the Rock genre, the band angles and drones through winding corridors of psychic distress, jamming away in a beautiful cacophony of deliberate incongruity. Similar to Cubist art, the band gleefully renders reality into a jarring sonic experience. Fans of Noise bands such as US Maple and Polvo will enjoy this riotous good time, and correct me if I’m wrong, but there are traces of CBGB legends such as Television and Talking Heads in their wiry guitar and unkempt melodies.