Write Brain TV

Ukraine On Fire

(Directed by Igor Lopatonok (2017, 93 min)



In 2016, Oliver Stone traveled to Ukraine to produce “Ukraine On Fire”, a direct retort to the Netflix-produced, CIA-backed propaganda piece known as “Winter On Fire”. Despite the director of Winter On Fire, Evgeny Afineevsky, being an Israeli-American filmmaker that took notes directly from the state department, filmmaker Igor Lopatonok is a Ukrainian anti-war activist that saw rising fascism in Ukraine and the massacres¬† in the Donbas region first-hand.

Spanning almost a century of history in Ukraine, the film chronicles the formation of Ukrainian nationalism that reaches a dangerous climax in 2014, when a CIA-backed coup overthrew the government. Amongst the crowd that led the charge, neo-nazis, fascists, and far-right militias were the pivotal point in the overthrow of the democratically elected president.

Separatists and far-right militias fought a shadow war for nearly a decade hidden from Americans. Until now. Write Brain TV is proud to present “Ukraine On Fire”, a film that presents an alternative view of the growing tensions between Ukraine and Russia that has put us on the precipice of World War III.